Political anthropology : the state of the art

Auteur(s) : Seaton, S. Lee (Éd.)
Claessen, Henri J. M. (Éd.)
Description matérielle : 411 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. Collection: World anthropology Publication : The Hague : Mouton, 1979.Cote : IZR.301Note : Réf. Dissém., Index.Note complémentaire : "Papers prepared for the 9th International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, Chicago, 1973".
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General editor's preface / Tax, Sol --

Introduction / Claessen, Henri J. --

Political anthropology : issues and trends on the frontier / Kurtz, Donald V. --

New directions in political anthropology: the use of corporate models for the analysis of political organization / Tiffany, Walter W. --

Patron-client structure in modern world organization / Amsbury, Clifton --

Local-level politics and social change in Tigre: a transactional analysis of adaptive change / Bauer, Dan F. --

The duke had a word for it: local-level competition between tribals and non-tribals / Fleming Mathur, Mary E. --

Tribute relations / Pershits, Abraham I. --

The promotion of suzerainty between sedentary and nomadic populations in eastern Ethiopia / Weissleder, Wolfgang --

On the forms of disintegration of the clan society of North American Indians / Averkieva, Julia P. --

The balance of power in primitive states / Claessen, Henri J. M. --

The dynamics of early state development in the Voltaic area / Skalník, Peter --

Citizenship and sources of political authority in the Marianas / Solenberger, Robert R. --

Change in rank and status in the Polynesian kingdom of Tonga / Urbanowicz, Charles F. --

Law and negative sanctions in African societies / Wachuku, Alozie N. --

Ritual in consensual power relations: the Israel Labor Party / Aronoff, Myron J. --

Peasant political cognition : a methodological perspective / Kudat Sertel, Ayse --

Three Tiwa communities and their response to stress for change / Smith, M. Estellie --

A comparative analysis of U.S. and Slovenian sociopolitical frames of reference / Szalay, Lorand B. and Pecjak, Vid.

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