Actes du XLIIe Congrès International des Américanistes : volume 8

Congrès International des Américanistes, n° 42 ; Paris, France : 1976. Description matérielle : 453 p. : illustrations ; 25 cm.Publication : Paris : Société des Américanistes, 1979.Cote : S.99(8)Note : Notes bibliographiques.Note complémentaire : Actes du XLIIe Congrès International des Américanistes : congrès du Centenaire, Paris, 2-9 Septembre 1976. Sur la tranche : 1979. Thématique : Ethnologie Géographique : Amérique centrale | Caraïbes | Amérique du Sud
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Introduction / Markan, S. D. --

Culture change in Northern Mexico : the bureaucratic conquest of the Gran Chichimeca, A.D. 1540-A.D. 1600 / Di Peso, Charles C. --

Historical archaeology in the Valley of Mexico / Charlton, Thomas H. III --

Tenochtitlan in the early colonial period / Calnek, Edward E. --

Eastern Mesoamerica from pre-hispanic to colonial times : a model of cultural continuance / Wilkerson, S. Jeffrey K. --

Coxoh Maya acculturation in colonial Chiapas : a necrotic archaeological-ethnohistorical model / Lee, Thomas A. and Markman, Sidney D. --

Nucleation versus dispersal : the dynamics of population movement in colonial Yucatan / Farriss, Nancy M. --

Southern lowlands Maya political organization : a model of change from protohistoric through colonial times / Jones, Grant D. --

Vanishing transhumant cacao planters : the Xinca of the Michatoya drainage, Guatemala / Feldman, Lawrence, H. --

Cambios socio-económicos registrados a mediados del siglo XVI en un pueblo de la Mixteca Alta, Oaxaca, México / Dahlgren-Jordán, Bárbara --

Discussion / Markman, S. D. --

Insights into Maya cultural evolution from comparative history / Adams, Richard E. W. --

Comparative data from the Palenque zone on Maya civilization / Rands, Robert L. --

The signifiance of an extraordinary Maya ceremonial refuse deposit at Largartero, Chiapas / Ekholm, Susanna M. --

Kaminaljuyu social structure / Michels, Joseph W. --

Maya, Olmecs, and Izapans at Abaj Takalik / Graham, Hohn A. --

Sculptural documents on the origins of Maya civilization / Quirarte, Jacinto --

Early preclassic material in the Maya lowlands and its implications / Hammond, Norman --

A commentary on cultural evolution in the / Maya highlands and lowlands / Willey, Gordon R. --

Highlands culture contacts in the lowland Maya area : an introductory commentary / Willey, Gordon R. --

"The little descent" : manifest destiny from the east / Miller, Arthur G. --

Early central Mexican architectural traits at Dzibilchaltun, Yucatan / Andrews V. E., E. Wyllys --

Teotihuacan at Tikal in the early classic period / Coggins, Clemency --

Southeastern Campeche and the Mexican plateau : early classic contact situations / Ball, Joseph W. --

Highlands rabbits and lowlands lords / Schele, Linda --

Prehispanic Maya agriculture / Harridon, Peter D. --

Preliminary investigations of agronomic potentials in "bajos" adjacent to Tikal (Petén, Guatemala) / Dahlin, Bruce H. --

Population growth and subsistence decision-making in the Yaxhá-Sacnab region, (Petén, Guatemala) / Rice, Don S. --

Agricultural intensification in the Maya lowlands / Hammond, Norman --

Slash-and-burn agriculture in the Maya lowlands / Culbert, T. Patrick ; Spencer, Mara L. and Magers, Pamela C. --

A "natural" history of Mayan agriculture / Wiseman, Frederick M. --

Possible karstic constraints on prehispanic Mayan land use and the transportation in the Southern lowlands / Siemens, Alfred H. --

The fon of bafut and the classic Maya / Sanders, William T. --

The seeds of statehood : variability in subsistence modes in the Southern Maya lowlands and the rise of Maya civilization / Puleston, Dennis E. --

Ancient agricultural land use in the central Maya lowlands / Turner, B. L. II --

Ancient Maya agriculture an future development / Stavrakis, Olga --

Prehispanic Maya agriculture : a summary / Willey, Gordon R.

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