Ethnographies of Islam : ritual perfomances and everyday practices

Auteur(s) : Dupret, Baudouin (Éd.)
Pierret, Thomas (Éd.)
Pinto, Paulo G. (Éd.)
et al.
Description matérielle : vi-202 p. : ill. ; 23 cm. Collection: Exploring Muslim contexts Publication : Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2012.Cote : TVIIR.128Note : Notes bibliographiques. Thématique : Ethnologie | Ethnographie | Rituel | IslamThématique spécifique : Pratique religieuse | Magie noire | Divination | DeuilGéographique : Tunisie | Maghreb | Syrie | Tanzanie | Liban | Egypte | Turquie | Moyen-Orient | Afrique du Nord | Afrique
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Introduction / Dupret, Baudoin ; Pierret, Thomas ; Pinto, Paulo and Spellman-Poots, Kathryn --

Black magic, divination and remedial reproductive agency in Northern Pakistan / Varley, Emma --

Preparing for the Hajj in contemporary Tunisia: between religious and administrative ritual / Boissevain, Katia --

"There used to be terrible disbelief": mourning and social change in Northern Syria / Lange, Katharina --

Manifestations of Ashura among young British Shi'is / Spellman-Poots, Kathryn --

The Ma'ruf: an ethnography of ritual (South Algeria) / Ben Hounet, Yazid --

The Sufi ritual of the Darb al-Shish and the ethnography of religious experience / Pinto, Paulo G. --

Preaching for converts: knowledge and power in the Sunni community in Rio de Janeiro / Chagas, Gisele Fonseca --

Worshipping the martyr president: the "Darih" of Rafiq Hariri in Beirut / Vloeberghs, Ward --

Staging the authority of the Ulama: the celebration of the Mawlid in urban Syria / Pierret, Thomas --

The Salafi and the others: an ethnography of intracommunal relations in French Islam / Baylocq, Cédric and Drici-Bechikh, Akila --

Describing religious practices among university students: a case study from the University of Jordan, Amman / Cantini, Daniele --

Referring to Islam in mutual teasing: notes on an encounter between tow Tanzanian revivalists / D'hondt, Sigurd --

Salafis as Shaykhs: othering the pious in Cairo / Kreil, Aymon --

Ethics of care, politics of solidarity: islamic charitable organisations in Turkey / Alkan-Zeybek, Hilal --

Making Shari'a alive: court practice under an ethnographic lens / Dahlgren, Susanne --

Referring to Islam as a practice: audiences, relevancies and language games within the Egyptian Parliament / Klaus, Enrique and Dupret, Baudouin --

Contesting public images of "Abd al-Halim Mahmud (1910-78): who is an authentic scholar ? / Aishima, Hatsuki --

Possessed of documents: hybrid laws and translated texts in the Hadhrami diaspora / Gilsenan, Michael.

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