The social lives of forests : past, present, and future of woodland resurgence

Auteur(s) : Hecht, Susanna B. (Éd)
Morrison, Kathleen D. (Éd.)
Padoch, Christine (Éd.)
Description matérielle : xiv-493 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.Publication : Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2014.Cote : G.4836Note : Bibliogr. p. 389-467 ; Index. Thématique : Ethnologie | Environnement | ForêtThématique spécifique : Ecologie | Déforestation | Protection de l'environnement | Interaction nature-culture | Forêt tropicale | Histoire | Agriculture | Savoir local | Urbanisation | Tenure foncière | Institution | Réforme agraire | Biodiversité | Changement climatique | Globalisation | Gestion des ressources | Economie de marché | Réserve naturelle | Sylviculture
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From fragmentation to forest resurgence: paradigms, representations, and practices / Hecht, Susanna B. ; Morrison, Kathleen D. and Padoch, Christine --

Rethinking social lives and forest transitions: history, ideologies, institutions, and the matrix / Hecht, Susanna B. --

False forest history, complicit social analysis: rethinking some West African environmental narratives / Fairhead, James and Leach, Melissa --

Stories of nature’s hybridity in Europe: implications for forest conservation in the global South / Neumann, Roderick P. --

Adam Smith in the forest / Albritton Jonsson, Fredrik --

Jungles, forests, and the theatre of wars: insurgency, counterinsurgency, and the political forest in Southeast Asia / Peluso, Nancy Lee and Vandergeest, Peter --

Mutant ecologies: radioactive life in Post–Cold War New Mexico / Masco, Joseph --

Pan-tropical perspectives on forest resurgence / Grainger, Alan --

The social lives of forest transitions and successions: theories of forest resurgence / Hecht, Susanna B. --

Paradigms lost: tropical conservation under late capitalism / Vandermeer, John and Perfecto, Ivette --

Effects of human activities on successional pathways: case studies from lowland wet forests of Northeastern Costa Rica / Chazdon, Robin L. ; Alvarado, Braulio Vilchez ; Letcher, Susan G. ; Wendt, Amanda and Sezen, U.Uzay --

Human-forest relationships and the erasure of history / Morrison, Kathleen D. --

Constructing nature: socio-natural histories of an Indian forest / Morrison, Kathleen D. and Lycett, Mark T. --

Culturing the rainforest: the Kelabit Highlands of Sarawak / Janowski, Monica ; Barton, Huw and Jones, Samantha --

Residual effects of agroforestry activities at Dos Hombres, a Classic period Maya site in Belize / Lentz, David L. and Lane, Brian --

Forest as faunal enclave: endangerment, ecology, and exclusion in India / Rangarajan, Mahesh --

Amazonia: the historical ecology of a domesticated landscape / Erickson, Clark L. --

Market dynamics and regional change / Menzies, Nicholas K. --

The fate of the branded forest: science, violence, and seduction in the world of teak / Bryant, Raymond L. --

Gendered knowledge and the African shea-nut tree / Carney, Judith and Elias, Marlène --

Ancient forest tea: how globalization turned backward minorities into green marketing innovators / Menzies, Nicholas K. --

The production of forests: tree cover transitions in Northern Thailand, Northern Laos, and Southern China / Fox, Jefferson --

From swidden to rubber: transforming landscape and livelihoods in mountainous Northern Laos / Fujita Lagerqvist, Yayoi --

Institutions: the secret lives of forests / Hecht, Susanna B. --

A forest for my kingdom? "Forest rent" and the politics of history in Asante (Ghana) / Berry, Sara --

The invisible map: community tenure rights / Barry, Deborah and Meinzen-Dick, Ruth --

Re-greening the Sahel: linking adaptation to climate change, poverty reduction, and sustainable development in Drylands / Reij, Chris --

Urban ecologies / Padoch, Christine --

Amazonia 1492: pristine forest or cultural parkland? / Heckenberger, Michael J. ; Kuikuro, Afukaka ; Kuikuro, Urissap’a Tabata ; Russell, J. Christian ; Schmidt, Morgan ; Fausto, Carlos and Franchetto, Bruna --

Urban residence, rural employment, and the future of Amazonian forests / Padoch, Christine ; Steward, Angela ; Pinedo-Vasquez, Miguel ; Putzel, Louis and Ruiz, Medardo Miranda --

From fallow timber to urban housing: family forestry and tablilla production in Peru / Sears, Robin R. and Pinedo-Vasquez, Miguel --

Forest resources, city services: globalization, household networks, and urbanization in the Amazon estuary / Brondizio, Eduardo S. ; Siqueira, Andrea D. and Vogt, Nathan --

Chicago wilderness: integrating biological and social diversity in the urban garden / Crane, Peter ; Heneghan, Liam ; Muraski-Stotz, Francie ; Pruett-Jones, Melinda ; Ross, Laurel ; Wali, Alaka and Westphal, Lynne --

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