The measure and meaning of time in Mesoamerica and the Andes

Auteur(s) : Aveni, Anthony F. (Éd.)Description matérielle : ix-315 p : illustrations ; 29 cm. Collection: Dumbarton Oaks. Publication : Washington : Dumbarton Oaks research library and collection, 2015.Cote : N.428Note : Index. Thématique : Ethnologie | TempsThématique spécifique : Mesure | Histoire | Calendrier | EspaceGéographique : Amérique centrale | Amérique du Sud | Andes
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Timely themes: an introduction to the measure and meaning of time in Mesoamerica and the Andes / Aveni, Anthony F. --

From counting down to counting out: on the relationship between apocalyptic and normal time in the Western passion for precise time measurement / Landes, Richard --

Ecumene time, anecumene time: proposal of a paradigm / López Austin, Alfredo --

When pre-sunrise beings inhabit a post-sunrise world: time, animate objects, and contemporary Tz'utujil Maya ritual practitioners / Brown, Linda A. --

"To put in order": Classic Maya concepts of time and space / Eberl, Markus --

Understanding time, space, and social organization in the Inca Ceque system of Cuzco / Aveni, Anthony F. --

Space and time in the architecture of Inca royal estates / Nair, Stella --

Time and the other: the Early colonial mythohistorical landscapes of the Huarochirí manuscript / Dulanto, Jalh --

Linearity and cyclicity in Pre-Columbian Maya time reckoning / Bricker, Victoria R. and Bricker, Harvey M. --

Divine reckoning: the calendrical ground of Mexican dynastic imagery / Barnes, William L. --

Ages of the world in the Andes / Ossio A., Juan M. --

Refounding the house: time, politics, and metallogenesis in a colonial Aymara coat of arms / Platt, Tristan --

Of calendars and computers: comparing Mesoamerica and Bali / Monaghan, John --

An overview of "the measure and meaning of time in Mesoamerica and the Andes" / Aveni, Anthony F.

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