Before food production in North Africa : questions and tools dealing with resource exploitation and population dynamics at 12,000-7000 bp

Auteur(s) : Lernia, Savino di (Éd.)
Manzi, Giorgio (Éd.) ; World congress of the International union of the prehistoric and protohistoric sciences : n° 13, 1996 : Forlí, Italie
Description matérielle : 177 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.Publication : [Forlí] : ABACO, 1998.Cote : M.144Note : Réf. Dissém. Note complémentaire : Rencontre organisée par l'Union internationale des sciences préhistoriques et protohistoriques et le Centro interuniversitario di ricerca sulle civiltà e l'ambiente del Sahara antico. Thématique : Archéologie | PréhistoireThématique spécifique : Production alimentaire | Peuplement Géographique : Afrique du Nord
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"Before food production in North Africa": an introductory glimpse into the issue / Lernia, Savino di and Manzi, Giorgio --

Intensification and transformation processes towards food production in Africa / Smith, Andrew B. --

Paleobiological markers of transitional processes in human populations: from extractive to productive societies in North Africa / Borgognini Tarli, Silvana M. and Manzi, Giorgio --

Holocene climatic change and riverine dynamics in Nile Valley / Hassan, Fekri A. --

Geological evidence for Late Pleistocene and Holocene environmental changes in south-western Fezzan (Central Sahara, Libya) / Cremaschi, Mauro --

The use of plants during the Early Holocene in the Egyptian Sahara: Early Neolithic food economies / Wendorf, Fred ; Schild, Romuald ; Wasylikova, Krystyna ; Dahlberg, Jeff ; Evans, John and Biehl, Ed --

Economic strategy based on food-plants in the Early Holocene Central Sudan : a reconsideration / Magid, Anwar A. and Caneva, Isabella --

Early Holocene plant remains from Uan Afuda cave, Tadrart Acacus (Libyan Sahara) / Castelletii, Lanfredo ; Cottini, Michela and Rottoli, Mauro --

Fishing along the Nile / Vermeersch, Pierre M. --

Cultural control over wild animals during the Early Holocene: the case of Barbary shep in central Sahara / Lernia, Savido di --

Adaptive variability in the Eastern Sahara during the Early Holocene / McDonald, Mary A. --

Men and climates in the Western Sahara at the Pleistocene-Holocene transition / Dutour, Olivier --

Indications on the economics strategies in the Central-Saharan rock art: the Mesolithic phase of the "Round Heads" / Sansoni, Umberto --

Before food production in North Africa: overview and discussion / Clark, John Desmond.

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