Anthropology and climate change : from actions to transformations

Auteur(s) : Crate, Susan A. (Éd.)
Nuttall, Mark (Éd.)
Description matérielle : 450 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.Publication : New York : Routledge, 2016.Cote : G.4936Note : Réf. Dissém. ; Index. Thématique : Ethnologie | Climat | Changement climatique
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Introduction: anthropology and climate change / Crate, Susan A. and Nuttall, Mark --

Climate knowledge : assemblage, anticipation, action / Hastrup, Kirsten --

The concepts of adaptation, vulnerability, and resilience in the anthropology of climate change: considering the case of displacement and migration / Oliver-Smith, Anthony --

Apocalypse nicked! Stolen rhetoric in early geoengineering advocacy / Heyward, Clare and Rayner, Steve --

Complex systems and multiple crises of energy / Urry, John --

Entangled futures: anthropology's engagement with global change research / Brondizio, Eduardo S. --

Gone with cows and kin? Climate, globalization, and youth alienation in Siberia / Crate, Susan A. --

Climate change in Leukerbad and beyond: re-visioning our cultures of energy and environment / Strauss, Sarah --

Storm warnings: an anthropological focus on community resilience in the face of climate change in southern Bangladesh / Finan, Timothy J. and Rahman, Ashiqur --

Correlating local knowledge with climatic data: Porgeran experiences of climate change in Papua New Guinea / Jacka, Jerry K. --

Speaking again of climate change: an analysis of climate change discourses in northwestern Alaska / Marino, Elizabeth and Schweitzer, Peter --

Too little and too late: what to do about climate change in the Torres Strait? / Green, Donna --

Shifting tides: climate change, migration, and agency in Tuvalu / Lazrus, Heather --

The politics of rain: Tanzanian farmers' discourse on climate and political disorder / Sheridan, Michael --

Cornish weather and the phenomenology of light: on anthropology and "seeing" / Jennings, Tori L. --

Making sense of climate change: global impacts, local responses, and anthropogenic dilemmas in the Peruvian Andes / Paerregaard, Karsten --

Climate change beyond the "environmental": the Marshallese case / Rudiak-Gould, Peter --

"This is not science fiction": Amazonian narratives of climate change / Rojas, David --

Fostering resilience in a changing sea-ice context: a grant maker's perspective / Henshaw, Anne --

Is a sustainable consumer culture possible? / Wilk, Richard --

"Climate skepticism" inside the Beltway and across the Bay / Fiske, Shirley J. --

When adaptation is not enough: between the "now and then" of community-led resettlement / Peterson, Kristina and Maldonado, Julie Koppel --

Narwhal hunters, seismic surveys, and the middle ice: monitoring environmental change in Greenland's Melville Bay / Nuttall, Mark --

Insuring the rain as climate adaptation in an Ethiopian agricultural community / Peterson, Nicole D. and Osgood, Daniel --

Pedagogy and climate change / Hebdon, Chris ; Lennon, Myles ; Ludlow, Francis ; Zhang, Amy and Dove, Michael R. --

Bridging knowledge and action on climate change: institutions, translation, and anthropological engagement / Johnson, Noor --

Escaping the doublebind: from the management of uncertainty toward integrated climate research / Krauss, Werner--

Epilogue: encounters, actions, transformations / Crate, Susan A. and Nuttall, Mark.

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