Animism in Southeast Asia

Auteur(s) : Århem, Kaj (Éd.)
Sprenger, Guido (Éd.)
Ingold, Tim (Postf.)
Description matérielle : [xiv]-325 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. Collection: Routledge contemporary Southeast Asia series ; n° 77 Publication : London : Routledge, 2016.Cote : AL.43Note : Réf. Dissém. ; Index. Thématique : Ethnologie | Animisme Géographique : Asie du Sud-Est
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Southeast Asian animism in context / Århem, Kaj --
Dimensions of animism in Southeast Asia / Sprenger, Guido --
Seeing and knowing: metamorphosis and the fragility of species in Chewong animistic ontology / Howell, Signe --
Graded personhood: human and non-human actors in the Southeast Asian uplands / Sprenger, Guido --
Animism and the hunter's dilemma: hunting, sacrifice and asymmetric exchange among the Katu of Vietnam / Arhem, Kaj --
Wrestling with spirits, escaping the state: animist ecology and settlement policy in the Central Annamite Cordillera / Århem, Nikolas --
Actualizing spirits: Ifugao animism as onto-praxis / Ziegler Remme, Jon Henrik --
Relatedness and alterity in Bentian human-spirit relations / Sillander, Kenneth --
The dynamics of the cosmic conversation: beliefs about spirits among the Kelabit and Penan of the upper Baram River, Sarawak / Janowksi, Monica --
Animism and anxiety: religious conversion among the Kelabit of Sarawak / Amster, Matthew H. --
Boundaries of humanity: non-human others and animist ontology in Eastern Indonesia / Kaartinen, Timo --
Gods and spirits in the Wetu Telu religion of Lombok / Cederroth, Sven --
Impaling spirit: three categories of ontological domain in Eastern Indonesia / Hicks, David --
Southeast Asian animism: a dialogue with Amerindian perspectivism / Århem, Kaj --
End comment: to conclude in the spirit of rebirth, or, a note on animic anthropo-ontogenesis / Ingold, tim

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