Inca sacred space : landscape, site and symbol in the Andes

Auteur(s) : Meddens, Frank (Éd.)
Willis, Katie (Éd.)
McEwan, Colin (Éd.)
Branch, Nicholas (Éd.)
Description matérielle : vii-309 p. : illustrations ; 30 cm.Publication : London : Archetype publications, 2014.Cote : SE.289Note : Bibliographie p. 279-304. Index. Glossaire. Thématique : Ethnologie | Lieu sacréGéographique : Amérique du Sud | Andes | Pérou
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Introduction: Inca sacred space - Landscape, site and symbol in the Andes / Meddens, Frank ; Willis, Katie ; McEwan, Colin and Branch, Nicholas --

The "Ushnus" of Cusco and sacred centres in Andean ethnography, ethnohistory and archaeology / Zuidema, R. Tom --

Cognising and marking the Andean landscape: radial, concentric and hierarchical perspectives / McEwan, Colin --

The link: of sacred persons and places / Ramírez, Susan Elizabeth --

Boundaries at the roof of the world: the "Ushnu" and divisions in political and religious space / Meddens, Frank --

"Ushnus" and interiority / Allen, Catherine J. --

Learning about "Ushnus": social memories of the Inca state in a modern school setting in Highland Bolivia / Arnold, Denise Y. --

From Cusco to the Four Quarters and vice versa: connecting sacred spaces in the Inca empire through the movement of stone, sand and soil / Ogburn, Dennis E. --

The landscape, environment and pedo-sedimentary context of Inca stepped platforms ('Ushnu"), Ayacucho, Peru / Branch, Nicholas ; Frouin, Millena ; Kemp, Rob ; Marini, Nathalie ; Meddens, Frank ; Onuora, Chiwetazulu and Silva, Barbara --

"Ritual mixing": an ethnographic approach to the combination of fills from different origins in Inca "Ushnu" platforms / Ferreira, Francisco --

If all the world's a stage then what's an "Ushnu"? / Coben, Lawrence S. --

Staging sound: acoustic reflections on Inca music, architecture and performance spaces / Stobart, Henry --

Sacred mountains and rituals in the Andes / Gutiérrez, Carmen Escalante and Fernández, Ricardo Valderrama --

The Incas in the territory of the Chankas: "Usnukuna" platforms and their antecedents / Pomacanchari, Cirilo Vivanco --

Altars and altitude: the "Ushnu" and the "Puna" during the late horizon / Joffré, Grabriel Ramón --

Lightning (Illapa) and its manifestations: "Huacas" and "Ushnus" / Staller, John E. --

Astronomical observations on Inca "Ushnus" in the Southern Andes / Moyano, Ricardo --

The centre of the world and the Cusco "Ushnu" complexes / Farrington, Ian S. --

Choqek'iraw and its ceremonial platform called "Ushnu" / Lecoq, Patrice and Saintenoy, Thibault --

The "Ushnu", the centre of the Inca world: an overview from the Highlands of Piura, Northern Peru / Astuhuamán, César --

Tambo colorado: an "Ushnu" and more / Protzen, Jean-Pierre --

The "Ushnus" of Condesuyos / ZióƗkowski, Mariusz --

An 1800-year ice core history of climate and environment in the Andes of Southern Peru and its relationship with Highland/Lowland cultural oscillations / Thompson, Lonnie G. and Davis, Mary E. --

Afterword: power and propitiation in the Andes / Platt, Tristan.

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