Steps to an ecology of mind

Auteur(s) : Bateson, Gregory (Aut.)
Bateson, Mary Catherine (Préf.)
Description matérielle : xxxii-533 p. : illustrations ; 20 cm.Publication : Chicago : University of Chicago press, 2000.Cote : G.5079Note : Index.Note complémentaire : Première édition : 1972. Disponible également cote CER.847 (1973). Recueil d'articles. Thématique : Ethnologie | Méthodologie Thématique spécifique : Théorie de la connaissance Auteur cité : RUSSELL | WITTGENSTEIN | WITHEHEAD
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Foreword (1999) / Bateson, Mary Catherine --

Foreword (1971) --

Introduction: the science of mind and order --

Metalogue: why do things get in a muddle --

Metalogue: why do Frenchmen? --

Metalogue: about games and being serious --

Metalogue: how much do you know? --

Metalogue: why do things have outlines? --

Metalogue: why a swan? --

Metalogue: what is an instinct? --

Culture contact and schismogenesis --

Experiments in thinking about observed ethnological material --

Morale and national character --

Bali: the value system of a steady state --

Style, grace, and information in primitive art --

Social planning and the concept of deutero-learning --

A theory of play and fantasy --

Epidemiology of a schizophrenia --

Toward a theory of schizophrenia --

The group dynamics of schizophrenia --

Minimal requirements for a theory of schizophrenia --

Double bind, 1969 --

The logical categories of learning and communication --

The cybernetics of "self": a theory of alcoholism --

On empty-headedness among biologists and state boards of education --

The role of somatic change in evolution --

Problems in cetacean and other mammalian communication --

A re-examination of "Bateson's rule" --

Cybernetic explanation --

Redundancy and coding --

Conscious purpose versus nature --

Effects of conscious purpose on human adaptation --

Form, substance and difference --

From Versailles to cybernetics --

Pathologies of epistemology --

The roots of ecological crisis --

Ecology and flexibility in urban civilization.

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