Anthropology of the arts : a reader

Auteur(s) : Bakke, Gretchen (Éd.)
Peterson, Marina (Éd.)
Description matérielle : x-384 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.Publication : London : Bloomsbury academic, 2017.Cote : TXII.6Note : Réf. dissém. Index. Thématique : Ethnologie | Anthropologie de l'art | Art
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Introduction / Bakke, Gretchen and Peterson, Marina --

Canoes and sailing / The ceremonial building of a Waga / Malinowski, Bronislaw --

Decorative designs of Alaskan needlecases: a study in the history of conventional designs, based on the materials in the U.S. National Museum / Boas, Franz --

The problem defined: the need for an anthropology of art / Gell, Alfred --

Art as experience / Dewey, John --

The genuine article / Douglas, Mary --

"A boggy, soggy, squitchy picture, truly": notes on image making in anthropology and elsewhere / Pesmen, Dale --

The science of the concrete / Lévi-Strauss, Claude --

Reputation as process / Becker, Howard S. --

The recording studio as fetish / Meintjes, Louise --

On weaving a basket / Ingold, Tim --

Performing L.A. / Peterson, Marina --

The "art" and "science" of handcrafting cheese in the United States / Paxson, Heather --

Surface revelations: ecologies and epistemologies of rock art / Fowles, Severin and Alberti, Benjamin --

The historical genesis of a pure aesthetic / Bourdieu, Pierre --

Music, modernism and signification / Born, Georgina --

"Marvels of everyday vision": the anthropology of aesthetics and the cattle keeping Nilotes / Coote, Jeremy --

Piercing the skin of the idol / Pinney, Christopher --

From ethnomusicology to echo-muse-ecology: reading R. Murray Schafer in the Papua New Guinea rainforest / Feld, Steven --

Mansions of the Lord: architecture, interiority, domesticity / Comaroff, John L. and Comaroff, Jean --

Techniques of the body / Mauss, Marcel --

"A gesture narrowly divides us from chaos": gesture and word in trance time / Kapchan, Deborah --

An anthropologist underwater: immersive soundscapes, submarine cyborgs, and transductive ethnography / Helmreich, Stefan --

"Joyous maggots": the symbolism of Yolngu mortuary rituals / Morphy, Howard --

Necro-utopia: the politics of indistinction and the aesthetics of the non-Soviet / Yurchak, Alexei --

Incorporations: contemporary Slovene art and the body politic / Bakke, Gretchen --

Deep play: notes on the Balinese cockfight / Geertz, Clifford --

The nature of performance / Bauman, Richard --

Preliminary notes on audiences in Africa / Barber, Karen --

The interpretation of culture(s) after television / Abu-Lughod, Lila --

Games as the play of simulation / Salen, Katie and Zimmerman, Eric --

On punk and repulsion, a misfit theory of society / Greene, Shane --

Hollywood and the U.S.A. / Powdermaker, Hortense --

The production of European high culture in Los Angeles: the J. Paul Getty trust as artificial curiosity / Marcus, George E. --

Degraded images, distorted sounds: Nigerian video and the infrastructure of piracy / Larkin, Brian --

Some properties of art and culture / Myers, Fred --

Cultural sovereignty in a global art economy: Egyptian cultural policy and the new Western interest in art from the Middle East / Winegar, Jessica --

Cultures in dialogue ? / Price, Sally --

Fields and labs / Sansi, Roger --

On ethnographic surrealism / Clifford, James --

Twenty-seventh day / Dunham, Katherine --

A talk with Katherine Dunham / Pierre, Dorathi Bock --

A parade in Erhenrang / Le Guin, Ursula --

For God's sake, Margaret: conversation with Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead / Bateson, Gregory and Mead, Margaret --

I swear I saw this: drawings in fieldwork notebooks, namely my own / Taussig, Michael --

Marina Abramović: intersecting worlds, higher dimensions, and metastable shimmerings / Živković, Marko

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