At home and in the field : ethnographic encounters in Asia and the Pacific Islands

Auteur(s) : Finney, Suzanne S. (Éd.)
Mostafanezhad, Mary (Éd.)
Pigliasco, Guido Carlo (Éd.)
Young, Forrest Wade (Éd.)
Description matérielle : xiii-331 p. : photos en noir et blanc ; 24 cm.Publication : Honolulu : University of Hawai'i Press, 2015.Cote : W.31Note : Bibliographie p. 299-315. Index. Thématique : Ethnologie | Recherche sur le terrainGéographique : Asie | Océanie | Pacifique
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Preface: mulling the intimacies of dislocation / Yano, Christine, R. --

Introduction / Finney, Suzanne S. ; Mostafanezhad, Mary ; Pigliasco, Guido Carlo and Young, Forrest Wade --

Tempting the Nāga: local knowledge and mysteries of the Mekong / Hefner, Carl J. --

An anthropologist behaving badly : the case of the missing watch on Waya Island, Fiji / Humphrey, Lisa --

Attacked in the field: encountering a street gang while studying peace in Java / Samudra, Jaida Kim --

A question of permission in Pohnpei / Finney, Suzanne S. --

Grandmothers, sharks, and other dangerous things: persistent crises in Mangareva, French Polynesia / Mawyer, Alexander --

Fieldwork as transformative experience: learning to see positive Māori urban identities / Marek, Serge A. --

Fieldwork on two wheels in Hanoi, Vietnam, or how I learned to stop worrying and enjoy the ride / Bodemer, Margaret Barnhill --

The cultural power of robots in Japan / Katsuno, Hirofumi --

Encountering Maoist propaganda in pastoral Inner Mongolia / Jiang, Hong --

When the field is your home: doing advocacy work and academic work in Hawaiʻi / Okamura, Jonathan Y. --

Systemic culture shock: meeting Fu Lai Ming on the Tibetan plateau / Yamada, Naomi C. F. --

"Shóón Pakin, sóóu tittilap": researching narrative discourse in Micronesia / Odango, Emerson Lopez --

Talking with the "Moai" in Easter Island: placing Rapa Nui language / Young, Forrest Wade --

Blogging in Papua New Guinea / Winduo, Steven Edmund --

Prostitutes, menstrual blood, minor-wives, and feeding the ducks: learning about gender in Thailand / Costa, LeeRay M. --

Manning up: on being a Chamorro researcher with a home court (dis)advantage on Guam / Viernes, James Perez --

Contested belonging of North Korean refugees in South Korea / Lee, Hyeon Ju --

"You Filipino, ya?" / Labrador, Roderick N. --

Sorry, wrong number! Locating marriage partners through wrong numbers and text messages in Vanuatu / Vaughan, Ashley --

The invisible firewalker: negotiating sentiment and inalienable possessions on a Fijian island / Pigliasco, Guido Carlo --

"You can do it, Japan!" Social networks and natural disasters / Runestad, Pamela L. --

Head candy/gut connection: how reenacting a historic event changes the present in Hawaiʻi / Cruz, Lynette Hiʻilani --

Tales of the talā (dollar): notes on cars, consumption, and class in American Sāmoa / Uperesa, Faʻanofo Lisaclaire --

Working class hospitality and etiquette in a bowl of rāmen noodles in Tokyo, Japan / Fukutomi, Satomi --

Entering Molokaʻi Hawaiian style / Baker, Mary Tuti --

From nuclear exodus to cultural reawakening: a navigator's journey in the Marshall Islands / Genz, Joseph H. --

"They came for nature": a political ecology of volunteer tourism development in Northern Thailand / Mostafanezhad, Mary --

The forest of contradictions: coffee versus conservation at Indonesia's Kerinci Seblat National Park / Bettinger, Keith Andrew --

Heʻeia kūpuna mapping workshops: unearthing the past, inspiring the future in Hawaiʻi / Aikau, Hokulani K. ; Kalei, Nahaku and Wong, Bradley --

Narrratives of the vulval curse in Bontok and Kalinga, Philippines / Casumbal-Salazar, Melisa --

Digitalizing the "wantok" system in West Papua / Stiefvater, James --

Embattled stories of occupied Hawaiʻi / Tengan, Ty P. Kāwika --

Taʻaroa is great, good and māʻohi: nationalism and spiritual identity in contemporary Tahiti / Gonschor, Lorenz --

Tiptoeing among the knowledge of the bodies and the bodies of knowledge in Tonga / Cottino, Gaia --

Being and time in Nagasaki, Japan / Yamada, Toru --

Losing my mind and loving mosquitoes, crickets, and other jungle inhabitants: reflections on field research and its frustrations at a Buddhist meditation retreat in southern Thailand / Ashton, Geoff --

"Papa! what's money?" An enduring question finds answers in burning it for the spirits of the dead in China / Blake, C. Fred --

Epilogue: fieldwork today / White, Geoffrey.

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