Politics and policies in Upper Guinea Coast societies : change and continuity

Auteur(s) : Højberg, Christian K. (Éd.)
Knörr, Jacqueline (Éd.)
Murphy, William P. (Éd.)
Description matérielle : xv-342 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.Publication : New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.Cote : FA.591Note : Bibliographies en fin de chapitre. Index.
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Lab. d'anthropologie sociale
FA.591 Available 8018513

Introduction: deconstructing tropes of politics and policies in Upper Guinea Coast societies / Højbjerg, Christian K. ; Knörr, Jacqueline and Murphy, William P. --

Poro society, migration, and political incorporation on the Freetown Peninsula, Sierra Leone / Ménard, Anaïs --

Challenging the classical parameters of "doing host-refugee politics”: the case of Casamance refugees in the Gambia / Ray, Charlotte --

Betterment versus complicity: struggling with patron-client logics in Sierra Leone / Menzel, Anne --

Kinship tropes as critique of patronage in postwar Sierra Leone / Murphy, William P. --

Grand narratives of crisis: customary conflicts as a factor in the Liberian civil war and implications for policy / Brown, David --

Historicizing as a legal trope of jeopardy in asylum narratives and expert testimonies of gender-based violence / Lawrance, Benjamin N. --

Revisiting tropes of environmental and social change in Casamance, Senegal / Evans, Martin --

Casamance secession: national narratives of marginalization and integration / Rudolf, Markus --

Transcending traditional tropes: autochthony as a discourse of conflict and integration in postwar Krio/non-Krio relations in Sierra Leone / Spencer, Sylvanus --

Ethnicity as trope of political belonging and conflict: Cape Verdean identity and agency in Guinea-Bissau / Kohl, Christoph --

Dynamics in the host-stranger paradigm: the broker role of a latecomer association in Western Côte d’Ivoire / Tokpa, Katharina Heitz --

Roads as imaginary for employing idle youth in the post-conflict Liberian state / Munive, Jairo --

Tropes, networks, and higher education in post-conflict Sierra Leone: policy formation at the university of Makeni / O’Kane, David --

Bulletproofing: small arms, international law, and spiritual security in the Gambia / Hultin, Niklas.

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