Parts and wholes : essays on social morphology, cosmology, and exchange in honour of J. D. M. Platenkamp

Auteur(s) : Prager, Laila (Éd.)
Prager, Michael H. (Éd.)
Sprenger, Guido (Éd.)
Description matérielle : [XI]-534 p. : photos en couleur et en noir et blanc, tableaux, schémas ; 24 cm.Publication : Zürich : Lit, 2016.Cote : G.5212Titres uniformes : [Mélanges. Platenkamp, Josephus D. M.].Note : Bibliographie en fin de chapitre.Note complémentaire : Publications de J. D. M. Platenkamp p. 77-82. Thématique : Ethnologie Thématique spécifique : Parenté | Echange | Cosmologie
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Holism, value systems, and comparison: key concepts in the anthropology of J. D. M. Platenkamp / Prager, Michael --

Jos Platenkamp and the Leiden tradition in structural anthropology / Vermeulen, Han F. --

Fieldwork, visual ethnography, and written texts: a letter to Jos Platenkamp about the making and significance of the film "Tobelo marriage" / Nijland, Dirk J. --

Precedence and hierarchy: meditations on an unanswered ethnological question / Lewis, E. Douglas --

Publications of J. D. M. Platenkamp --

Ph.D. and habilitation theses supervised by J. D. M. Platenkamp --

Bedouin kinship relations in Jordan: an examination of Beni Khalid kinship terminology and family organisation / al-Sekhaneh, Wassef --

“Those who spread from one father”: the cultural elaboration of segmentation and inclusion in Kïrgïzstan / Hardenberg, Roland --

Omaha and all that: basic issues and new horizons in the study of relationship terminologies / Pfeffer, Georg --

From linearity to cognation: the transformation of Alawi kinship terminologies (Southeast Turkey) / Prager, Laila --

The sickening gift / Basu, Helene --

Healing rituals and sorcery among the Lanten of Laos / Estevez, Joseba --

Tax morality and the redistributive exchange of gifts: ethnological annotations / Hartmann, Andreas --

"On the safe side of life": cultural appropriations of funeral insurances in Namibia / Klocke-Daffa, Sabine --

What do ceremonies do? Ceremonial exchanges as operational processes elaborating relations (Kanaky, New Caledonia) / Monnerie, Denis --

Care in a context of HIV and AIDS: beyond exchange and reciprocity? / Niehof, Anke --

Production is exchange: gift giving between humans and non-humans / Sprenger, Guido --

Labour and land in an eastern Indian steel town: historical transformations of gift and commodity values / Strümpell, Christian --

Exchange and the constitution of persons under a welfare regime / Vestergaard, Torben A. --

Fihavanana: exchange, social cohesion and social exclusion in Madagascar / Wallner, Ingo --

Oral traditions of the Vagri of South India / Alex, Gabriele --

Ethnographic notes on incest and other socio-cosmic prohibitions in the Kei Islands: exchanges and relations / Barraud, Cécile --

Secularisation or normalisation of religion in Indonesia: from custom to "Pancasila" and back to "Adat" / Headley, Stephen C. --

Equality, religion and power: a few topics for discussion / Iteanu, André --

Conflicts in North Maluku, Indonesia: refusal to exchange, refusal to establish relations / Jäger, Kirsten --

The ritual of death in Acèh: an ethnographic study in Blangporoh Village, West Labuhan Haji, South Acèh, Indonesia / Manan, Abdul --

Cosmological cycles: continuity in Inuit society in North Eastern Canada / Oosten, Jarich --

Challenging the stranger: the dynamics of constructing social Identity in Hmong origin myths / Postert, Christian --

"Making the spirit": the potential of knowledge from elsewhere / Schneider, Almut --

Infusing life and enlisting spirits: some Indonesian shipbuilding rituals / Wessing, Robert --

From buffer state to market place: migration, ethnicity and development in the Lao border town of Müang sing / Grabowsky, Volker --

The British interregnum in Java (1811-1816): an experiment in supranational fraternal governance / Jordaan, Roy --

The heron and the snail: a visual pun in a Javanese manuscript of the "Jawharat al-Tawḥīd" / Wieringa, Edwin P. --

The mediation of intercultural competence as a form of applied anthropology / Bertels, Ursula --

A just arena of negotiating identities during social change processes. A possible pathway? / Sugandi, Yulia --

When "development" enters the village / Zanen, Sjoerd.

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