People of the peyote : Huichol Indian history, religion and survival

Auteur(s) : Schaefer, Stacy B. (Éd.)
Furst, Peter T. (Éd.)
Description matérielle : xiv-560 p. : illustrations, photos, schémas en noir et blanc ; 26 cm.Publication : Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, 1996.Cote : NU.412Note : Glossaire. Bibliographie p. 533-547. Index. Thématique : Ethnologie | Ethnohistoire | PeyotismeThématique spécifique : Peyotl | ChamanismeGéographique : Amérique du Nord | Mexique Ethnique : Huichol
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Introduction / Schaefer, Stacy B. and Furst, Peter T. --

Myth as history, history as myth: a new look at some old problems in Huichol origins / Furst, Peter T. --

Huichol ethnothistory: the view from Zacatecas / Franz, Allen R. --

Konrad Theodor Preuss (1869-1938) on the Huichols --

The crossing of the souls: Peyote, perception, and meaning among the Huichol Indians / Schaefer, Stacy B. --

"How one goes being Huichol..." / Silva, Ramón Medina --

The Shaman who defeated Etsá sickness (smallpox). Traditional Huichol medicine in the Twentieth Century / Romo, Armando Casillas, in collaboration with Carlos Chávez --

The psychotropic Kiéri in Huichol culture / Yasumoto, Masaya --

Wolf power and interspecies communication in Huichol shamanism / Valadez, Susana Eger --

The deer that is peyote and the deer that is maize: the hunt in the Huichol "trinity" / Lemaistre, Denis --

The cosmos contained: the temple where sun and moon meet / Schaefer, Stacy B. --

"Müüqui Cuevixa": "Time to bid the dead farewell" / Fernández, Marina Anguiano --

A Huichol soul travels to the land of the dead / Silva, Ramón Medina --

The "Urukáme", a crystallization of the soul: death and memory / Perrin, Michel --

Memories of Tatewarí / Velasco, Guillermo Espinosa --

The girl who ground herself: Huichol attitudes toward maize / Shelton, Anthony A. --

Huichol religion and the Mexican state: reflections on ethnocide and cultural survival / Sittón, Salomón Nahmad --

Peyote pilgrims and Don Juan Seekers: Huichol Indians in a multicultural world / Furst, Peter T. and Schaefer, Stacy B.

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