The archaeology of Andean pastoralism

Auteur(s) : Capriles, José M. (Éd.)
Tripcevich, Nicholas (Éd.)
Description matérielle : xii-268 p.: illustrations et photos en noir et blanc, schémas, tableaux, cartes ; 29 cm.Publication : Albuquerque : University of New Mexico press, 2016.Cote : S.234Note : Bibliographies en fin de chapitre. Index. Thématique : Archéologie | PastoralismeThématique spécifique : Relations homme-animal | LamaGéographique : Amérique du Sud | Andes
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Lab. d'anthropologie sociale
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Foreword / Aldenderfer, Mark S. --

Advances in the archaeology of Andean pastoralism / Tripcevich, Nicholas and Capriles, José M. --

Andean pastoralism and its effect on economic and social stability in the Andes / Kuznar, Lawrence A. --

Early domesticated Camelids in the Andes / Moore, Katherine M. --

The subsistence economy of early Andean pastoralists: zooarchaeological insights from a formative period Wankarani house / Capriles, José M. --

Gifts from the Camelids: archaeobotanical insights into camelid pastoralism through the study of dung / Bruno, Maria C. and Hastorf, Christine A. --

Camelid pastoralism at ancient Tiwanaku: urban provisioning in the highlands of Bolivia / Vallières, Claudine --

Pastoral intensification, social fissioning, and ties to state economies at the formative period-middle horizon transition in the Lake Suches region, Southern Peru / Vining, Benjamin R. --

Pastoralism through time in Southern Peru / Defrance, Susan D. --

A question of altitude: exploring the limits of Highland pastoralism in the Prehispanic Andes / Lane, Kevin and Grant, Jennifer --

Settlement patterns, corrals, and tombs: exploring sociopolitical complexity among late Prehispanic agropastoralists of the Upper Ricrán, Peru / Perales Munguía, Manuel F. --

The Camelid sacrifices of Santa Rita B: an agropastoral site in the Chao Valley, North Coastal Peru / Kent, Jonathan D. ; Tham, Teresa Rosales ; Vásquez Sánchez, Víctor ; Gaither, Catherine M. and Bethard, Jonathan D. --

Offering llamas to the sea: the economic and ideological importance of Camelids in the Chimu society, North Coast of Peru / Goepfert, Nicolas and Prieto, Gabriel --

The ethnoarchaeology of a Cotahuasi salt caravan: exploring Andean pastoralist movement / Tripcevich, Nicholas --

Home-making among South Andean pastoralists / Nielsen, Axel E. --

Andean Prehistoric Camelid pastoralism: a commentary / Browman, David L.

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