Smoke, flames, and the human body in Mesoamerican ritual practice

Auteur(s) : Tiesler, Vera (Éd.)
Scherer, Andrew K. (Éd.)
Description matérielle : viii-471 p. : illustrations en couleur, photos en couleur et en noir et blanc, schémas ; 28 cm. Collection: Dumbarton Oaks Pre-Columbian symposia and colloquia Publication : Washington, D.C. (Wash.) : Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, 2018.Cote : NV.79Note : Bibliographie en fin de chapitre. Glossaire. Index.
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Introducing smoke, flame, and the body in Mesoamerican ritual practice / Tiesler, Vera and Scherer, Andrew K. --

Fire and sacrifice in Mesoamerican myths and rituals / Mazariegos, Oswaldo Chinchilla --

Divine fire: transformation in Highland Mexican thought and practice / Eberl, Markus --

"Where the sun came into being": rites of pyrolatry, transition, and transformation in Early Classic Teotihuacan / Nielsen, Jesper and Helmke, Christophe --

Blood, fire, death: covenants and crises among the Classic Maya / Scherer, Andrew K. and Houston, Stephen --

The burning and the burnt: the transformative power of fire, smoke, and flames in conquest and colonial Maya ritual, warfare, and diplomacy / Chuchiak IV, John, F --

To tame fire: a Tzeltal viewpoint / Pitarch, Pedro --

The fiery dead: igniting human bodies in the Maya Northern Lowlands / Tiesler, Vera --

Fire and smoke in Postclassic Maya culture / Vail, Gabrielle and Duncan, William N. --

Where there's fire there's smoke: Lacandon Maya burning rites and cremation symbolism / Palka, Joel W. --

Transforming the body: fire rituals involving the body in Ancient Michoacán, Mexico / Pereira, Grégory --

Relics, divination, and regeneration: the symbolism of Ashes in Mesoamerica / Olivier, Guilhem --

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The new fire and corporal penance: comparative perspectives between the Tlapanecs and the Aztecs / Dehouve, Danièle --

Reflections on smoke, flames, and the human body / Verano, John W.

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