The family in Central Asia : new perspectives

Auteur(s) : Roche, Sophie (Éd.)Description matérielle : 415 p. : photos en noir et blanc et en couleurs, cartes en couleur, tableaux, schémas ; 24 cm. Collection: Islamkundliche untersuchungen ; vol. 332. Publication : Berlin : Klaus Schwarz Verlag, 2017.Cote : RL.2Note : Bibliographie p. 391-415. Glossaire.
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The family in Central Asia: new research perspectives / Roche, Sophie --

The paradox in studies of family in Central Asia / Abashin, Sergei --

Mahalla in Northern Tajikistan, from the end of 19th and beginning of the 20th Centuries: the case of Khujand and its suburbs / Faizulloev, Muhiddin --

The family in the kolkhoz context: an approach to the apparently contradictory relationship between modernity and tradition in the Brezhnev era / Giehler, Beate --

"Better to hold on to salt than to hold on to your daughter": marriage strategy in the aftermath of the conflict in Osh, Kyrgyzstan / Ismailbekova, Aksana --

Impacts of the 7 Saur 1357 [27. April 1978] communist "coup d'état" on the family system in Afghanistan / Akbari, Sayed Habibullah --

Tajik in content-soviet in form ? Reading Tajik political discourse on and for women / Torno, Swetlana --

The sacred families in Central Asia: between ethnicity and religiosity / Muminov, Ashirbek --

"Kelin" in Central Asia: the social status of young brides as a liminal phase/ Turaeva, Rano --

The role of women in health-seeking strategies and practices in post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan / Penkala-Gawęcka, Danuta --

Historical analysis of the family and the education of children in the works of Oriental thinkers during the Soviet period and the period of modernity / Rashidov, Tuychi --

Global familyhood and global family communication: cases from Afghanistan / Kazemi, Said Reza --

Kinship and orphans: rural Uzbeks and loss of parents in the 1920s and 1930s / Kamp, Marianne --

A family affair. Sibling hierarchy, moral reasoning, and differential (im)mobility in rural Kyrgyzstan / Reeves, Madeleine --

A network analysis of Qipchaks in Mongol China / Brose, Michael --

Towards matrifocal families? Relations in transnational and single parent families in Tajikistan / Cleuziou, Juliette --

Anthropological genetics in Central Asia: on the peopling of the region and the interplay between cultural traits and genetic diversity / Heyer, Evelyne ; Ségurel, Laure and Hegay, Tatyana --

Population change and migration in the Ferghana region in the late 19th and early 20th centuries / Ueda, Akira --

Ethnographic sketches in "the Mineralogy" of Abu-Rayhon Biruni / Boboev Abdulhatovich, Jusuf --

Film review. Nurbek Egen: "The empty home (Pustoi dom)", 2012 / Mukhamedova, Sayyora.

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