Hybrid communities : biosocial approaches to domestication and other trans-species relationships

Auteur(s) : Stépanoff, Charles (Éd.)
Vigne, Jean-Denis (Éd.)
Description matérielle : xviii-306 p. photos en noir et blanc, schémas, cartes ; 24 cm. Collection: Routledge studies in anthropology Publication : London ; New York : Routledge, 2019.Cote : G.5247Note : Bibliographie en fin de chapitre. Index
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Introduction / Stépanoff, Charles and Vigne, Jean-Denis --

A genetic perspective on the domestication continuum / Frantz, Laurent A. F. and Larson, Greger --

Self-domestication or human control? The Upper Palaeolithic domestication of the wolf / Germonpré, Mietje ; Lázničková-Galetová, Martina ; Sablin, Mikhail V. and Bocherens, Hervé --

Beyond wild and domestic: human complex relationships with dogs, wolves, and wolf-dog hybrids / Lescureux, Nicolas --

Wild game or farm animal? Tracking human-pig relationship in ancient times through stable isotope analysis / Balasse, Marie ; Cucchi, Thomas ; Evin, Allowen ; Bălăşescu, Adrian ; Frémondeau, Delphine and Horard-Herbin, Marie-Pierre --

Arable weeds as a case study in plant-human relationships beyond domestication / Bogaard, Amy ; Ater, Mohammed and Hodgson, John G. --

From "fighting against to becoming with": viruses as companion species / Brives, Charlotte --

Milk as a pivotal medium in the domestication of cattle, sheep and goats / Roffet-Salque, Mélanie ; Gillis, Rosalind E. ; Evershed, Richard P. and Vigne, Jean-Denis --

Watching the horses: the impact of horses on early pastoralists’ sociality and political ethos in Inner Asia / Argent, Gala --

Growing a shared landscape: plants and humans over generations among the Duupa farmers of northern Cameroon / Garine, Éric ; Barnaud, Adeline and Raimond, Christine --

Fig and olive domestication in the Rif, northern Morocco: entangled human and tree lives and history / Aumeeruddy-Thomas, Yildiz and Hmimsa, Younes --

Cooperating with the wild: past and present auxiliary animals assisting humans in their foraging activities / Dounias, Edmond --

Why did the Khamti not domesticate their elephants? Building a hybrid sociality with tamed elephants / Lainé, Nicolas --

Cognition and emotions in dog domestication / Jeannin, Sarah --

Domestication and animal labour / Porcher, Jocelyne and Nicod, Sophie --

Human-dog-reindeer communities in the Siberian Arctic and Subarctic / Klokov, Konstantin and Davydov, Vladimir --

Domesticating the machine? (Re)configuring domestication practices in robotic dairy farming / Lagneaux, Séverine --

From parasite to reared insect: humans and mosquitoes in Réunion Island / Dupé, Sandrine.

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