The Andean World

Auteur(s) : Seligmann, Linda J. (Éd.)
Fine-Dare, Kathleen S. (Éd.)
Description matérielle : xxiii-691 p. : photos et illustrations en noir et blanc, schémas, cartes ; 26 cm. Collection: The Routledge Worlds. Publication : London ; New York : Routledge, 2019.Cote : S.252Note : Bibliographie en fin de chapitres. Index. Thématique : Ethnologie | HistoireThématique spécifique : Cosmologie | Mode de subsistance | Politique | Religion | Identité ethniqueGéographique : Amérique du Sud | Andes
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Introduction: The Andean world / Fine-Dare, Kathleen S. and Seligmann, Linda J. --

Strategically relevant Andean environments / Knapp, Gregory --

The domesticated landscapes of the Andes / Erickson, Clark L. --

Water and power in the Peruvian Andes / Deutsch Lynch, Barbara --

Radical changes in the development of Andean civilization / Isbell, William H. --

Prehispanic social organization, integration, and hierarchy / Shimada, Izumi --

Life and death in the Central Andes: human biology, violence, and burial patterns in ancient Peru / Klaus D., Haagen --

The Andean circulatory cosmos / Gose, Peter --

Northern Andean cosmology and Otavalan hip hop / Wibbelsman, Michelle --

The Andean material world / Arnold, Denise Y. --

The conquest of the Andes from Andean perspectives / Brosseder, Claudia --

Violence, resistance, and intercultural adaptations / Serulnikov, Sergio --

Viracocha vs. God: Andean thought and cultural change in colonial Bolivia / Dueñas, Alcira --

Making and unmaking the Andean food pyramid: agronomy, animal science, and ideology / Markowitz, Lisa --

Drinking together: continuity and change in the Andean world / Jennings, Justin --

Kinship, households, and sociality / Leinaweaver, Jessaca --

Production, trade, reciprocity, and markets / Sammells, Clare A. --

Andean gods and catholic saints: indigenous and catholic Intercultural Encounters / Gareis, Iris --

Evangelicalism in the rural Andes / Salas Carreño, Guillermo --

Nation-making and nationalism / Sobrevilla Perea, Natalia --

Ordinary states: fantasy, fear, and displacement in twentieth-century Peruvian state formation / Nugent, David --

Agrarian reform and "development" / Cant, Anna --

Revolutions and violence / La Serna, Miguel --

Extreme violence in museums of memory: the place of memory in Peru / Del Pino, Ponciano and Otta Vildoso, Eliana --

"Indian " identity and indigenous revitalization movements / Molinié, Antoinette --

The multicultural turn, the new Latin American constitutionalism, and black social movements in the Andrean sub-region / Muteba Rahier, Jean --

Gender and sexuality in the Andes / Babb, Florence E. --

Labeling and linguistic discrimination / Huayhua, Margarita --

Patron saint festivals and dance in Peru: histories told from within / Mendoza, Zoila S. --

Andean musical expressions: ethnographic notes on materialities, ontologies, and alterities / Rivera Andía, Juan Javier --

Envisaging Andean indigeneity through photographic and audiovisual technologies / Zamorano Villarreal, Gabriela --

Art for a modern Peru: the poetics and polemics of "Indigenismo" / Rau, Pilar --

Three axes of variability in Quechua: regional diversification, contact with other indigenous languages, and social enregisterment / Mannheim, Bruce --

Documents, law, and the state in the Andes / Skrabut, Kristin --

Education, power, and distinctions / Oliart, Patricia --

Hip hop and Guinea pigs: contextualizing the urban Andes / Hirsch, Eric and Jones, Kyle --

Plurinationality, indigeneity, neoliberalism, and social movements / Huarcaya, Sergio Miguel --

Citizenship and rights / Shakow, Miriam --

Transnational circuits: migration, money, and might in Peru's Andean communities / Paerregaard, Karsten --

The political and cultural economies of tourism in the Andes / Hill, Michael --

Archaeology, looting, and cultural heritage in the Andes / Ordoñez Alvarez, Maria Patricia --

Growing coca leaf in the midst of the war against cocaine / Ramírez, María Clemencia --

Water rights, extractive resources, and petroleum politics / Fitz-Henry, Erin --

Reflections and projections: Andean worlds / Seligmann, Linda J. and Fine-Dare, Kathleen S.

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