Cosmology, calendars, and horizon-based astronomy in ancient Mesoamerica

Auteur(s) : Dowd, Anne S. (Éd.)
Milbrath, Susan (Éd.)
Krupp, Edwin C. (Préf.)
Description matérielle : [xxix]-380 p. : photos et illustrations en noir et blanc, tableaux ; 24 cm.Publication : Boulder : University Press of Colorado, 2015.Cote : NU.419Note : Bibliographie en fin de chapitres. Index. Thématique : Ethnoastronomie | Cosmologie Thématique spécifique : Calendrier Géographique : Mésoamérique Ethnique : Maya | Aztec
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An interdisciplinary approach to cosmology, calendars, and horizon-based astronomy / Milbrath, Susan and Dowd, Anne S. --

Pyramids marking time: Anthony F. Aveni's contribution to the study of astronomical alignments in Mesoamerican architecture / Šprajc, Ivan --

Maya architectural hierophanies / Dowd, Anne S. --

Mountain of sustenance: site organization at Dainzú-Macuilxóchitl and Mesoamerican concepts of space and time / Faulseit, Ronald K. --

The North Celestial pole in Ancient Mesoamerica / Coggins, Clemency --

A seasonal calendar in the Codex Borgia / Milbrath, Susan --

Iconography and metaphorical expressions pertaining to eclipses: a perspective from Postclassic and Colonial Maya manuscripts / Vail, Gabrielle --

The Maya deluge myth and Dresden Codex page 74: not the end but the eternal regeneration of the world / Carlson, John B. --

The ancient Maya moon: calendar and character / Clancy, Flora Simmons --

Pecked circles and divining boards: calculating instruments in ancient Mesoamerica / Freidel, David A. and Rich, Michelle --

The “Las Bocas Mosaic” and Mesoamerican astro-calendrics: “Calculator” or Hoax? / Rice, Prudence M. –

Some alternative eclipse periodicities in Maya codices / Bricker, Victoria R. and Bricker, Harvey M. --

Modeling indigenous Mesoamerican eclipse theory / Justeson, John –

Maya books and buildings at Baktun’s end / Aveni, Anthony F.

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