Native American mathematics

Auteur(s) : Closs,Michael P. (Éd.)Description matérielle : 431 p. : tableaux, cartes, dessins ; 24 cm.Publication : Austin (Tex.) : University of Texas Press, 1986.Cote : N.478Note : Bibliographie p. 409-431.
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Native American numbers systems / Closs, Michael P. --

Numerical representations in North America rock art / Murray, William Breen --

Some notes on quantification and numerals in an Amazon Indian language / Gnerre, Maurizio Covas --

The calendrican and numerical systems of the Nootka / Folan, William J. --

Chumash numerals / Beeler, Madison S. --

Cultural ecology of Mathematics : Ojibway and Inuit hunters / Denny, J. Peter --

Tallies and the ritual use of number in Ojibway pictography / Closs, Michael P. --

A survey of Aztec numbers and their uses / Payne, Stanley E. et Closs, Michael P. --

Decipherment and some implications of Aztec numerical glyphs / Harvey, Herbert R. et Williams, Barbara J. --

Mathematical ideas of the Incas / Ascher, Marcia --

The mathematical notation of the ancient Maya / Closs, Michael P. --

The zero in the Mayan numerical notation / Closs, Michael P. --

Vinette, Francine. In search of Mesoamerican geometry / Seidenberg, A.

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