Shamanism in performing arts

Auteur(s) : Kim, Tae-Gon (Éd.)
Hoppál, Mihály (Éd.)
Sadovszky, Otto J. von (Collab.)
Description matérielle : 291 p. : illustrations en noir et blanc, tableaux, schémas ; 24 cm. Collection: Bibliotheca shamanistica ; vol. 1. Publication : Budapest : Akadémiai Kiadó, 1995.Cote : A.68Note : Bibliographie en fin de chapitres. Index. Thématique : Ethnologie | ChamanismeThématique spécifique : Performance | Art
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Lab. d'anthropologie sociale
A.68 Available 8011365

The symbolic ur-meaning of shamanism and performing arts / Kim, Tae-Gon --

Are "trance", "ecstasy" and similar concepts appropriate in the study of shamanism? / Hamayon, Roberte N. --

The shaman-actor in the Finno-Ugric area: considerations on the ritual theatre / Corradi Musi, Carla --

Shamans, actors and image / Dooley, John A. --

On the main characteristics of the Manchu shamanic dance / Shuyun, Guo --

Observations on shamanic dance / Berti, Daniela --

Shamanic visual art in Nepal / Riboli, Diana --

The Ladakhi shaman as performer of oneness with local gods, "Lha" / Yamada, Takako --

Ainu shaman as accuser of taboo-breakers / Watanabe, Hitoshi --

Musical instruments in the Manchurian shamanic sacrificial rituals / Gui-Teng, Liu --

Ancient Hungarian folk songs and shamanic songs of the minorities of North China / Yaxiong, Du --

Why does Nanai shaman chant? / Bulgakova, Tatyana --

The shaman in myths and tales / Hultkrantz, Äke --

A comparative study of shamanistic motifs in Hungarian and Turkic folk tales / Horváth, Izabella --

The poetry of shamanism / Mandelstam Balzer, Marjorie --

The Puyuma's "language of the spirits" (South-East of Taiwan) / Cauquelin, Josiane --

Translating the ineffable into ritual language: a comparison of Singapore Chinese and Northern Thai shamanic rituals / Heinze, Ruth-Inge --

Shamanistic story and song cycles in Polynesia / Gunson, Niel --

The "dancing religion" in Hawai'i / Hamrin, Tina --

The absence of "performance" in the shamanic rite / Horwitz, Jonathan --

Ethics and the neo-shaman / Ott, Eleanor --

Performance, vision and transformation in shamanic ritual: healers, clients and societies / Samuel, Geoffrey --

The revival of shamanism in the contemporary North / Pentikäinen, Juha --

Performing shamanism in Siberian rock art / Hoppál, Mihály.

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