Animals through Chinese history : earliest times to 1911

Auteur(s) : Schafer, Dagmar (Éd.)
Siebert, Martina (Éd.)
Sterckx, Roel (Éd.)
Description matérielle : xiii-277 p. : tableaux, dessins, photos en noir et blanc ; 24 cm.Publication : Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2019.Cote : AF.149Note : Bibliographie p. 244-273. Index.
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Lab. d'anthropologie sociale
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Knowing animals in China’s history: an introduction / Schäfer, Dagmar ; Siebert, Martina and Sterckx, Roel --

Shang sacrificial animals: material documents and images / Schwartz, Adam C. --

Animal to edible: the ritualization of animals in early China / Sterckx, Roel --

Noble creatures: filial and righteous animals in early medieval Confucian thought / Knapp, Keith N. --

Walking by itself: the singular history of the Chinese cat / Barrett, Tymothy H. and Strange, Mark --

Bees in China: a brief cultural history / Pattinson, David --

Where did the animals go? Presence and absence of livestock in Chinese agricultural treatises / Bray, Francesca --

Animals as text: producing and cosuming "text-animals" / Siebert, Martina --

Great plans: Song dynastic (960-1279) institutions for human and veterinary healthcare / Schäfer, Dagmar and Yi, Han --

Animals in Nineteenth-Century eschatological discourse / Gossaert, Vincent --

Reconsidering the boundaries: multicultural and multilingual perspectives on the care and management of the emperors' horses in the Qing / Aricanli, Sare --

Animals as wonders: writing commentaries on monthly ordinances in Qing China / Xinxian, Zheng --

Reforming the humble pig: pigs, pork and contemporary China / Schneider, Mindi.

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