Smoke and mist : Mesoamerican studies in memory of Thelma D. Sullivan. 1.

Auteur(s) : Josserand, J. Kathryn (Éd.)
Dakin, Karen (Éd.)
Description matérielle : IX-388 p. : illustrations ; 30 cm. Collection: BAR international series ; n° 402 (1). Publication : Oxford : B.A.R., 1988.Cote : NU.470Note : Bibliographie en fin de chapitres.
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Lab. d'anthropologie sociale
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Introduction : Thelma D. Sullivan /Dakin, Karen et Heyden, Doris --

Studies of Sahagún and other early sources. Introduction / Nicholson, H. B. --

Sahagún's Primeros Memoriales et Codex Florentino : European elements in the illustrations / Taylor Baird, Ellen --

The nature and earlier versions of Diego Durán's Historia de las Indias in Madrid / Hill Boone, Elizabeth --

Fray Diego Durán and his Native informants / Colston, Stephen A. --

Molina and Sahagún / Dibble, Charles E. --

The provenience of the Codex Borbonicus : an hypothesis / Nicholson, H. B. --

A historiographical analysis of the Segunda Carta de Relación de Hernán Cortés / Ruwet, Wayne --

Pageantry of Aztec warfare as reflected in military attire / Anawalt, Patricia --

A look into Tlalocan / Anderson, Arthur J. O. --

The eagle and the jaguar : notes for a bestiary /Benson, Elizabeth P. --

All around the Xocotl Pole : reexamination of an Aztec sacrificial ceremony / Brown, Betty Ann --

Tlazolteotl / Durand Forest, Jacqueline de --

Black magic : obsidian in symbolism and metaphor / Heyden, Doris --

Rethinking Cihuacoatl : Aztec political imagery of the conquered woman / Klein, Cecilia A. --

The Otomí Otontecuhtli and the Mummy Bundle / Neumann, Franke J. --

The Aztec Tlaloc : god of antiquity / Pasztory, Esther --

The Aztec image of Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl / Quiñones Keber, Eloise --

A reconsideration of some hieroglyphs on the Mexica calendar stone / Umberger, Emily.

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