Regimes of comparatism : frameworks of comparison in history, religion and anthropology

Auteur(s) : Gagné, Renaud (Éd.)
Goldhill, Simon (Éd.)
LLoyd, Geoffrey E. R. (Éd.)
Description matérielle : X-463 p. : illustrations en couleurs et en noir et blanc, schémas ; 24 cm. Collection: Jerusalem studies in religion and culture ; vol. 24. Publication : Leiden : Brill, 2019.Cote : G.5333Note : Bibliographie en fin de chapitres. Index. Thématique : Anthropologie | Histoire des religions | Comparatisme
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Introduction: regimes of comparatism / Gagné, Renaud --

Comparisons compared: a study in the early modern roots of cultural history / Grafton, Anthony --

What was the comparative history of religions in 17th-century Europe (and beyond)? Pagan monotheism/pagan animism, from "T'ien" to Tylor / Levitin, Dmitri --

Comparing cultures in the early modern world: hierarchies, genealogies and the idea of European modernity / Rubiés, Joan-Pau --

Comparison and christianity: sacrifice in the age of the encyclopedia / Sheehan, Jonathan --

The Isis of Turin affair / Gagné, Renaud --

What has Alexandria to do with Jerusalem? Writing the history of the Jews in the 19th Century / Goldhill, Simon --

Akbar's dream: the Mughal emperor in the Nineteenth-Century literature / Vasunia, Phiroze --

History of religions: the comparative moment / Stroumsa, Guy G. --

Going full frontal: two modalities of comparison in social anthropology / Candea, Matei --

Placing self amid others: a Mongolian technique of comparison / Humphrey, Caroline --

Anthropological comparatisms: generalisation, symmetrisation, bifurcation / Descola, Philippe --

Friendship and kinship: comparatism and its theoretical possibilities in anthropology / Strathern, Marilyn --

The fortunes of comparatism: history, anthropology, philosophy / LLoyd, Geoffrey E. R.

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