Marking the land : hunter-gatherer creation of meaning in their environment

Auteur(s) : Lovis, William A. (Éd.)
Whallon, Robert (Éd.)
Description matérielle : XIV-289 p. : photos en noir et blanc, schémas, cartes ; 25 cm. Collection: Routledge studies in archaeology. Publication : London : Routledge, 2016.Cote : G.5338Note : Bibliographies en fin de chapitres. Index. Thématique : Ethnologie | Chasseur-cueilleur | EnvironnementThématique spécifique : Territoire | Organisation de l'espace | Toponymie | Paysage | Espace sacré | Cosmologie
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The creation of landscape meaning by mobile hunter-gatherers / Lovis, William A. and Whallon, Robert --

Initializing the landscape: chipewyan Construction of meaning in a recently occupied environment / Jarvenpa, Robert and Brumbach, Hetty Jo --

Places on the blackfoot homeland: markers of cosmology, social relationships and history / Oetelaar, Gerald A. --

Markers in space and time: reflections on the nature of place names as events in the Inuit approach to the territory / Aporta, Claudio --

"Inuksuk", sled shoe, place name: past Inuit ethnogeographies / Whitridge, Peter J. --

Network maintenance in big rough spaces with few people: the labrador Innu-Naskapi or Montagnais / Lovis, William A. --

Physical and linguistic marking of the Seri landscape: are they connected? / O'Meara, Carolyn K. --

Bonescapes: engaging people and land with animal bones among South American tropical foragers / Politis, Gustavo G. --

Unfolding cultural meanings: wayfinding practices among the San of the Central Kalahari / Takada, Akira --

Continuity and change in warlpiri practices of marking the landscape / Vaarzon-Morel, Petronella --

Signaling presence: how Batek and Penan hunter-gatherers in Malaysia mark the landscape / Tuck Po, Lye --

Marked sacred places of hunter-gatherer bands / Whallon, Robert --

Hunter-gatherer landscape perception and landscape "marking": the multidimensional construction of meaning / Whallon, Robert and Lovis, William A.

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