Rethinking colonial pasts through archaeology

Auteur(s) : Ferris, Neal (Éd.)
Harrison, Rodney (Éd.)
Wilcox, Michael V. (Éd.)
Description matérielle : XVI-511 p. : photos et illustrations en noir et blanc, cartes, schémas, tableaux ; 25 cm.Publication : Oxford : Oxford universiy press, 2014.Cote : TVIII.273Note : Bibliographies en fin de chapitres. Index.
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Lab. d'anthropologie sociale
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Introduction: rethinking colonial pasts through the archaeologies of the colonized / Ferris, Neal ; Harrison, Rodney and Beaudoin, Matthew A. --

Shared histories: rethinking "colonized" and "colonizer" in the archaeology of colonialism / Harrison, Rodney --

Archaeologies of indigenous survivance and residence: navigating colonial and scholarly dualities / Silliman, Stephen W. --

Native-lived colonialism and the agency of life projects: a view from the Northwest coast / Oliver, Jeff --

Pruning colonialism: vantage point, local political economy, and cultural entanglement in the archaeology of post-1415 indigenous peoples / Jordan, Kurt A. --

The nature of culture: sites, ancestors, and trees in the archaeology of Southern Mozambique / Dores Cruz, M. --

Indigenous archaeology and the Pueblo revolt of 1680: social mobility and boundary maintenance in colonial contexts / Wilcox, Michael V. --

Hiding in plain sight: engineered colonial landscapes and indigenous reinvention on the New Mexican frontier / Sunseri, Jun --

Frontier forts, ambiguity, and manifest destiny: the changing role of Fort Lane in the cultural landscape of the Oregon territory, 1853-1929 / Tveskov, Mark and Cohen, Amy --

Imperial anxiety and the dissolution of colonial space and practice at Fort Moore, South Carolina / Cobb, Charles R. and Sapp, Stephanie --

Intimacy and distance: life on the Australian aboriginal mission / Lydon, Jane --

Casting identity: sumptuous action and colonized bodies in Seventeenth-century New England / DiPaolo Loren, Diana --

Persistent pots, durable kettles, and colonialist discourse: aboriginal pottery production in French colonial "Basse Louisiane" and the "pays d'en haut" / Mann, Rob --

Challenging colonial equations? The Gaelic experience in early modern Ireland / Horning, Audrey --

The process of hybridization among the labrador métis / Beaudoin, Matthew A. --

Archaeology and the "tensions of empire" / Delle, James A. --

Material practices and colonial chronologies in Dominica, Eastern Caribbean / Hauser, Mark W. and Lenik, Stephan --

Being Iroquoian, being Iroquois: a thousand-year heritage of becoming / Ferris, Neal --

Archaeology taken to court: unravelling the epistemology of cultural tradition in the context of Aboriginal title cases / Martindale, Andrew --

Being "indigenous" and being "colonized" in Africa: contrasting experiences and their implications for a postcolonial archaeology / Lane, Paul J. --

Deconstructing archaeologies of African colonialism: making and unmaking the subaltern / Schmidt, Peter R. --

Commentary: subaltern archaeologies / Van Dommelen, Peter --

Commentary: the archaeology of the colonized and global archaeological theory / Gosden, Chris --

Afterword: vantage points in an archaeology of colonialism / Stahl, Ann B.

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