Amerindian socio-cosmologies between the Andes, Amazonia and Mesoamerica : toward an anthropological understanding of the Isthmo-Colombian area

Auteur(s) : Halbmayer, Ernst (Éd.)Description matérielle : IX-354 p. : photos et illustrations en noir et blanc, cartes, schémas, tableaux ; 24 cm. Collection: Routledge Studies in Anthropology. Publication : London : Routledge, 2020.Cote : S.277Note : Bibliographies en fin de chapitres. Index. Thématique : Anthropologie | CosmologieThématique spécifique : Relations humain-non humain | Chamanisme | Ontologie | Aire culturelleGéographique : Amérique centrale | Amérique du Sud | Andes | Amazonie
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Introduction: toward an anthropological understanding of the area between the Andes, Mesoamerica, and the Amazon / Halbmayer, Ernst --

An Amerindian humanism: order and transformation in Chibchan universes / Niño Vargas, Juan Camilo --

Languages of the Isthmo-Colombian area and its southeastern borderland: Chibchan, Chocoan, Yupka, and Wayuunaiki / Pache, Matthias ; Meira, Sérgio and Grinevald, Colette --

Kinship, clanship, and hierarchy in the Isthmo-Colombian area / Halbmayer, Ernst --

Between Mesoamerica, the Central Andes, and Amazonia: area conceptions, chronologies, and history / Clados, Christiane and Halbmayer, Ernst --

The golden ones: the human body as reflective metallic surface in the Isthmo-Colombian area / Clados, Christiane --

Parents who own lives: relations and persons among the "I'ku", a Chibchan group in Colombia / Arenas Gómez, Jose --

"Tuwancha", "The one who knows": specialists and specialized knowledge in transhuman communication among the Sokorpa Yupka of the Serranía del Perijá , Colombian / Goletz, Anne --

The Wounaan haahí jëeu nam ritual with the k'ugwiu: reinforcing benevolence and preventing calamity / Peña Ismare, Chindío ; Velásquez Runk, Julia ; Peña, Rito Ismaere and Carpio Opua, Chenier --

Things, life, and humans in Guna Yala (Panama): talking about "molagana" and "nudsugana" inside and outside Guna society / Martínez Mauri, Mònica --

Plant ontologies among the Bribri of Talamanca, Costa Rica / Kaviany, Schabnam --

The place of livestock in human-non-human relationship among the Wayuu / Mancuso, Alessandro --

Murderous spirits: shamanic interpretation of armed violence, suicide, and exhumation in the economy of death of the Emberá (Chocó , Antioquia, Colombia) / Losonczy, Anne-Marie.

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