The golden age of American anthropology

Auteur(s) : Mead, Margaret (Éd.)
Bunzel, Ruth L. (Éd.)
Description matérielle : x-628 p. : illustrations en noir et blanc, cartes, schémas ; 24 cm.Publication : New York : George Braziller, 1960.Cote : IZR.525Note : Notes bibliographiques.Note complémentaire : Recueil de textes. Item type: Ouvrage
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Introduction / Bunzel, Ruth L. --

Columbus, Ramon Pane and the beginnings of American anthropology / Bourne, Edward Gaylor --

Cortés and Montezuma / Díaz del Castillo, Bernal --

The character and customs of the Huron / De Champlain, Samuel --

The Lewis and clark expedition / Lewis, Meriwether --

Aztec beliefs and practices / Bernardino de Sahagún --

Notes on the Northern tribes / Le Jeune, Paul --

The character and customs of the Illinois / Marquette, Jacques --

Concerning the Natchez / Le Petit, Maturin --

On the character and capacities of the North American indians / Jefferson, Thomas --

The doctrine of the unity of the human race examined on the principles of pure science / Bachman, John --

Indian preachers and prophets / Heckewelder, John G. E. --

A frontier mission / Cutler, Manasseh --

Conjectures respecting the origin and history of the authors of the ancient works in Ohio / Atwater, Caleb --

The cheerake nation / Adair, James --

A Mandan village on the Upper Missouri / Catlin, George --

League of the Iroquois / Morgan, Lewis H. --

The Cheyenne indians / Grinnell, George Bird --

Nursery and cradle songs of the forest indian prophets / Rowe Schoolcraft, Henry --

General observations upon systems of relationships / Morgan, Lewis H. --

The carrying for children / Mason, Otis T. --

The origin of ceramic ornament / Holmes, William H. --

The preparation of the cornfield / Hamilton Cushing, Frank --

Zuñi origin myth: the origin of corn / Coxe Stevenson, Matilda --

Hopi snake washing / Fewkes, J. Walter --

The night chant: a Navaho ceremony / Matthews, Washington --

The Omaha tribe: ceremonies of children / Fletcher, Alice C. and La Flesche, Francis --

Rite of the chiefs: prayer for painting the body / La Flesche, Francis --

The Hako: a Pawnee ceremony / Cunningham Fletcher, Alice --

The central Eskimo: domestic occupations and amusements / Boas, Franz --

Types of Haida and Tlingit myths / Swanton, John R. --

The ghost-dance religion / Mooney, James --

Southwestern archaeology: conclusions / Kidder, Alfred Vincent --

Chronological aspects of American archaeology / Tozzer, Alfred M. --

The decorative art of the North Pacific coast / Boas, Franz --

The Chukchee / Bogoras, Waldemar --

Yugaghir picture writing and loveletters / Jochelson, Waldemar --

The social life of the Blackfoot indians / Wissler, Clark --

The Crow indians / Lowie, Robert H. --

The sun dance of the Oglala / Walker, J. R. --

The sun dance of the plains indians: comparison with the tribal ceremonial system / Spier, Leslie --

The mental traits of primitive man. Report on an anthropometric investigation of the population of the United States / Boas, Franz --

Origin of the American aborigines / Hrdlicka, Ales --

The grammarian and his language / Sapir, Edward --

The structure of language / Bloomfield, Leonard --

Introduction: international journal of American linguistics / Boas, Franz --

Language and literature / Sapir, Edward --

The nature of culture / Kroeber, Alfred L. --

Social organization. The family as a social unit / Lowie, Robert H. --

The principle of limited possibilities in the development of culture / Goldenweiser, Alexander --

New World origins / Wissler, Clark --

Patterns. Cultural intensity and climax / Kroeber, Alfred L. --

Holding back in crisis ceremonialism. Nativity myth at Laguna and Zuñi / Parsons, Elsie Clews --

The relations between religion and morality in primitive culture / Cooper, John Montgomery --

The aims of anthropological research / Boas, Franz --

The conflict and survival of cultures / Wissler, Clark --

The autobiography of a Winnebago indian / Radin, Paul --

The contributions of psychiatry to an understanding of behavior in society / Sapir, Edward --

Values as a subject of natural science inquiry. Is western civilization disintegrating or reconstituting / Kroebber, Alfred L.

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