Agent of change : the deposition and manipulation of Ash in the past

Auteur(s) : Roth, Barbara J. (Éd.)
Adams, E. Charles (Éd.)
Description matérielle : xi-242 p. : photos et illustrations en noir et blanc, schémas, cartes, tableaux ; 24 cm.Publication : New York : Berghahn books, 2021.Cote : N.501Note : Bibliographie en fin de chapitres. Index. Thématique : Ethnologie Thématique spécifique : Foyer | Feu | Fumée | Rite funéraire | Archéologie Géographique : Amérique du Nord
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Introduction. The deposition and manipulation of ash in the past / Adams, Charles E. and Roth, Barbara J. --

Ash matters: the ritual closing of domestic structures in the Mimbres Mogollon region / Roth, Barbara J. --

Complex closure practices involving ash at a small pueblo in Northeastern Arizona / Adams, Charles E. --

Sequencing termination events: preparing hearths for the ritual decommissioning of ancestral pueblo pit structures in the Northern U. S. Southwest / Ryan, Susan C. --

Symbolic associations: assessing the co-occurrence or turquoise and ash in the ancient U. S. Southwest / Fladd, Samantha G. ; Hedquist, Saul L. ; Adams, E. Charles and Koyiyumptewa, Stewart B. --

Fire, ash, and sanctuary: pyrotechnology as protection in the precolonial Northern Rio Grande / Adler, Michael A. --

Burned roofs and cultural traditions: renewing and closing houses in the ancient villages of the Middle Fraser canyon, British Colombia / Prentiss, Anna Marie ; Edwards, Alysha ; Hampton, Ashley ; Ryan, Ethan ; Bobolinski, Kathryn and Vance, Emma --

Agentive ash and dispersed power in the Cahokia Mississippian world / Baltus, Melissa R. and Baires, Sarah E. --

Townhouses, hearths, fire, smoke, ash, and Cherokee towns in Western North Carolina / Rodning, Christopher B. --

Ash as an agent of transformation in Iroquoian society / Fox, William --

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust in Caddoan mortuary ritual / Kay, Marvin --

Ashes for fertility / Claassen, Cheryl --

Ashes, arrows, and sorcerers / Walker, William H. and Berryman, Judy --

Divine food and fiery covenants: the significance of ash in ancient Maya religion / Fitzsimmons, James L.

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