The anthropology of tribal and peasant pastoral societies : the dialectics of social cohesion and fragmentation = Antropologia delle società pastorali tribali e contadine : la dialettica della coesione e della frammentazione sociale

Auteur(s) : Fabietti, Ugo (Éd.)
Salzman, Philip Carl (Éd.)
Description matérielle : 471 p. : cartes, tableaux ; 25 cm. Collection: Studia Ghisleriana. Publication : Pavia : Collegio Ghislieri, 1996.Cote : BGT.64Note : Bibliographie en fin de chapitres.
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Lab. d'anthropologie sociale
BGT.64 Available BGT.64

Introduction : varieties of pastoral societies / Salzman, Philip Carl --

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Being tribal and being pastoralist / Kressel, Gideon M. --

Peasant pastoralism / Salzman, Philip Carl --

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Nomads, settlers and changing paradigms: some reflections on the subject of the conference / Fabietti, Ugo.

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