The evolution of social systems

Auteur(s) : Friedman, J. (Éd.)
Rowlands, M. J. (Éd.)
Description matérielle : xiv-562 p. : cartes, schémas, tableaux ; 26 cm. Collection: Research seminar in archaeology and related subjects. Publication : Liverpool : Duckworth, 1977.Cote : BNT.62Note : Notes bibliographiques en fin de chapitres. Index.
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Lab. d'anthropologie sociale
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Economy and religion: an evolutionary optical illusion / Godelier, Maurice --

Politics as "infrastructure": an anthropologist's thoughts on the example of classical Greece and the notions of relations of production and economic determination / Godelier, Maurice --

Conditions of change in social stratification / Smith, M. G. --

Maladaptation in social systems / Rappaport, R. A. --

Systems as perceived: a discussion of "maladaptation in social systems" / Whyte, Anne --

Normative models of adaptative processes: a response to Anne Whyte / Rappaport, R. A. --

Space, time and polity / Renfrew, Colin --

External exchange and the transformation of Central African social systems / Ekholm, Kajsa --

The development of traditional agricultural practices in Western Timor / Friedberg, Claudine --

Non-stratified social formations among pastoral nomads / Bonte, P. --

Notes towards an epigenetic model of the evolution of "civilisation" / Friedman, J. and Rowlands, M. J. --

Event, structure and history: the formation of the Abron kingdom of Gyaman (1700-1780) / Terray, E. --

The disconnection between power and rank as a process: an outline of the development of kingdoms in Central Madagascar / Bloch, Maurice --

Evolution and history: approaches to the study of structural differentiation / Humphreys, S. C. --

Civilising the Aztecs / Bray, Warwick --

Settling down: an evolutionary model for the transformation of mobile bands into sedentary communities / Harris, David R. --

Fishing for wallabies: trade as a mechanism for social interaction, integration and elaboration on the Central Papuan coast / Allen, Jim --

Mesopotamian social organisation: archaeological and philological evidence / Oates, Joan --

Land, labour, capital and the forest kingdom of Asante: a model of early change / Wilks, Ivor --

Population and polity in the Voltaic region / Goody, Jack.

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