Work in non-market and transitional societies

Auteur(s) : Applebaum, Herbert (Éd.)Description matérielle : 398 p. : tableaux ; 24 cm. Collection: Suny series in the Anthropology of Work. Publication : Albany : State University of New York Press, 1984.Cote : DSC.180Note : Bibliographie p. 363-385. Index. Thématique : Anthropologie Thématique spécifique : Travail Ethnique : Kung San | Cheyenne | Trobriands | Mayo | Kapauku | Maori | Machiguenga | Navajo | Papago
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The Anthropology of Work / Nash, June --

Considerations for an Anthropology of Work / Gamst, Frederick C. --

Hunting among the !Kung San / Lee, Richard B. --

Women's and men's work among the Cheyennes / Hoebel, E. Adamson --

Coping with abundance: subsistence on the Northwest Coast / Suttles, Wayne --

The Nuer: interest in cattle / Evans-Pritchard, E. E. --

The Gadulia Lohars: nomadism and Blacksmithy / Misra, P. K. --

Independence among pastoralists / Goldschmidt, Walter --

Organization of work in herding teams on the Great Hungarian Plain / Vincze, Lajos --

Trobriand gardeners and their magic / Malinowski, Bronislaw --

Work patterns in a Mayo village / Erasmus, Charles J. --

Organization of labor among the Kapauku / Pospisil, Leopold --

Organization of work among the New Zealand Maori / Firth, Raymond --

The use of time / Salz, Beate R. --

Time allocation in a Machiguenga community / Johnson, Allen --

Money work, fast money and prize money: aspects of the Tahitian labor commitment / Finney, Ben --

Industrial employment of rural indigenes: the case of Canada / Hobart, Charles W. --

The personal adjustment of Navajo Indian migrants to Denver, Colorado / Graves, Theodore D. --

Papago Indians at work / Waddell, Jack O. --

Energy development on Alaska's north slope: effects on the Inupiat population / Kruse, John A. ; Kleinfeld, Judith et Travis, Robert --

Problems of management and authority in a transitional society: a case study of a Javanese factory / Willner, Ann Ruth --

Household economy during the peasant-to- worker transition in the Swiss Alps / Minge-Kalman, Wanda.

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