Spirit possession : multidisciplinary approaches to a worldwide phenomenon

Auteur(s) : Pócs, Éva (Éd.)
Zempléni, András (Éd.)
Description matérielle : [XIII]-542 p. : photos et illustrations en noir et blanc, cartes, tableaux ; 24 cm.Publication : Budapest : Central European university press, 2022.Cote : G.5453Note : Bibliographie en fin de chapitres. Index. Thématique : Ethnologie | Possession
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Discerning spirit possessions: an introduction / Zempléni, András --

Reflecting on the vocabulary of “Possession” in a South Indian context / Tarabout, Gilles --

“Incorporation does not exist”: the Brazilian rejection of the term “possession” and why it exists nonetheless / Schmidt, Bettina E. --

“Figures of return”: the Catholic church, the Holy spirit and Embandwa spirit possession in Western Uganda / Behrend, Heike --

Ideas about spirit possession and anti-devil practices in the religious life of some Eastern Hungarian communities / Pócs, Éva --

The indigeneity of spirit possession: a contribution to comparative theory / Keller, Mary L. --

Specter, phantom, demon / Csordas, Thomas J. --

From Loudun to Dakar, and back: possession and evil in individualistic and nonindividualistic societies / Castel, Pierre-Henri --

Devil possession in the liturgy around the tenth and twelfth centuries : bringing together the body like a microcosm / Chave-Mahir, Florence --

East European Christian prayers against hailstorms, aquatic demons and divine powers in canonical and apocryphal contexts / Timotin, Emanuela --

The nightmare in early modern England / Rivière, Janine--

Spirit (RWH) in the dead sea scrolls / Fröhlich, Ida --

Domesticating the dead: ghosts and spirit possession in late medieval Italy / Caciola, Nancy --

Demonic possession in Orthodox imperial Russia: official and popular religious conceptions through the prism of an 1839–1840 case study / Worobec, Christine D. --

The healing of the possessed in medieval canonization processes / Klaniczay, Gábor --

The sabbat of the soul / Ferber, Sarah --

Ideas of possession in Eighteenth-Century Hungarian clerical thought / Bárt, Dániel --

Possession, communication and power in Himachal Pradesh (North India) / Berti, Daniela --

A day-to-day family chronicle with “personages” in Madagascar / Fiéloux, Michèle et Lombard, Jacques --

Anthropological spirits and colonial consciousness in Arabic-speaking Sudan / Boddy, Janice --

From illness to trance: The socialization of spirit possession in Senegal / Zempléni, András --

On spirit possession and some parallels with reincarnation / Lambek, Michael.

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