Ethnographers before Malinowski : pioneers of anthropological fieldwork, 1870-1922

Auteur(s) : Delgado Rosa, Frederico (Éd.)
Vermeulen, Han F. (Éd.)
Description matérielle : xviii-522 p. : photos et illustrations en noir et blanc ; 24 cm. Collection: EASA series ; vol. 44. Publication : New York : Berghahn, 2022.Cote : G.5455Note : Bibliographie en fin de chapitres. Index. Thématique : Histoire de l'anthropologie | Ethnographie | Recherche sur le terrain
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Foreword. Unearthing the hidden treasures of early ethnography / Eriksen, Thomas Hylland --

Introduction. Other argonauts: chapters in the history of pre-Malinowskian ethnography / Delgado Rosa, Frederico et Vermeulen, Han F. --

"Adapt fully to their customs": Franz Boas as an ethnographer among the Inuit of Baffinland (1883-84) and his monograph "The central Eskimo" (1988) / Lewis, Herbert S. --

"A sympathetic chronicler of a sympathetic people": Katie Langloh Parker and "The euahlayi tribe" (1905) / Chambers Dawson, Barbara --

Edward Westermarck, a master ethnographer, and his monograph "Ritual and belief in Morocco" (1926) / Shankland, David --

Frontier ethnography and colonial theology: Mpengula Mbande and marginal informants in Henry Callaway's "The religious system of the Amazulu" (1868-70) / Chidester, David --

At the feet of the lord of the dragons: Tutakangahau, Elsdon Best, and "Waikare-moana: the sea of the ripling waters" (1897) / Paparoa Holman, Jeffrey --

Partnership with a native American family: Alice C. Fletcher, Francis La Flesche, and "The Omaha tribe" (1911) / Cohan Scherer, Joanna --

Stepping into a pit of snakes: John Gregory Bourke and "The snake-dance of the Moquis of Arizona" (1884) / Grimes, Ronald L. --

Totemics relics and ancestral fetishes: Henri Trilles's "Chez les Fang", or fifteen years in the French Congo (1912) / Mary, André --

"The stream crosses the path": Robert Sutherland Rattray and "Ashanti" (1923) / McFate, Montgomery --

From savages to friends: Henrique de Carvalho and his "Ethnografia e história tradicional dos Povos da Lunda" (1890) / Delgado Rosa, Frederico --

"Do in the tundra as the tundra-dwellers do": Maria Czaplicka, her Yenisei expedition (1914-15), and "My Siberian year" (1916) / Kubica, Grazyna --

Developing fieldwork in the South American lowlands: debates and practices in th work of German ethnographers (1884-1928) / Kraus, Michael --

Conclusion. Founders of anthropology and their predecessors / Vermeulen, Han F. et Delgado Rosa, Frederico.

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