Rethinking the Andes-Amazonia divide : a cross-disciplinary exploration

Auteur(s) : Beresford-Jones, David G. (Éd.)
Pearce, Adrian J. (Éd.)
Heggarty, Paul (Éd.)
Description matérielle : xxviii-390 p. : cartes, schémas, photos en couleurs ; 25 cm.Publication : London : UCL Press, 2020.Cote : S.286Note : Bibliographie p. 344-385. Index. Géographique : Amérique du Sud | Andes | Amazonie
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Introduction : why Andes-Amazonia ? Why cross-disciplinary ? / Pearce, Adrian J. ; Beresford-Jones, David and Heggart, Paul --

Archaeology / Beresford-Jones, David G. and Murillo, Eduardo Machicado --

Linguistics / Heggarty, Paul --

Genetics / Fehren-Schmitz, Lars --

Anthropology / Hornborg, Alf --

The Andes-Amazonia culture area / Zuidema, R. Tom --

Initial east and west connections across South America / Dillehay, Tom D. --

The Andes-Amazonia divide and human morphological diversification in South America / Strauss, André --

Deep time and first settlement : what, if anything, can linguistics tell us ? / Heggarty, Paul --

Early social complexity in Northern Peru and its Amazonian connections / Kaulicke, Peter --

Changing Andes-Amazonia dynamics : "El Chuncho" meets "El Inca" at the end of the Marañón corridor / Herrera Wassilowsky, Alexander --

How real is the Andes-Amazonia divide ? An archaeological view from the eastern piedmont / Wilkinson, Darryl --

Genetic diversity patterns in the Andes and Amazonia / Santos, Fabrício R. --

Genetic exchanges in the highland/lowland transitional environments of South America / Barbieri, Chiara --

Broad-scale patterns across the languages of the Andes and Amazonia / Heggarty, Paul --

Highland-lowland relations : a linguistic view / van Gijn, Rik and Muysken, Pieter --

Rethinking the role of agriculture and language expansion for ancient Amazonians / Góes Neves, Eduardo --

The Pacific coast and Andean highlands/Amazonia / Dillehay, Tom D., McCray, Brian and Netherly, Patricia J. --

Linguistic connections between the Altiplano region and the Amazonian lowlands / Adelaar, Willem F. H. --

Hypothesized language relationships across the Andes-Amazonia divide : the cases of Uro, Pano-Takana and Mosetén / Zariquiey, Roberto --

The Andes as seen from Mojos / Prümers, Heiko --

The archaeological significance of shell middens in the Llanos de Moxos : between the Andes and Amazonia / Lombardo, Umberto and Capriles, José M. --

The Amazonian Indians as viewed by three Andean chroniclers / Tyuleneva, Vera --

The place of Antisuyu in the discourse of Guamán Poma de Ayala / Bertazoni, Cristiana --

Colonial coda : the Andes-Amazonia frontier under Spanish rule / Pearce, Adrian J. --

A case study in Andes-Amazonia relations under colonial rule : the Juan Santos Atahualpa rebellion (1742-52) / Pearce, Adrian J. --

Conclusion : the Andes-Amazonia divide : myth and reality / Pearce, Adrian J. , Beresford-Jones, David G. and Heggarty, Paul.

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